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The Opera House
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in The Phantom of the Opera VSD's' LiveJournal:

Monday, March 14th, 2005
9:25 am
Madam Giry 1
Missures Andre and Firmen both seem very interested in Christene and my daughter. I should have known that the old manager would sell out to so idiot perverts. As if I'd let Meg do someone for free! Ha! Besides, I doubt her father would aprove, he already seems to be at ends with the new managers. He sent a note explaining his...feelings...about how they were going to run the theatre. Fortunately for us those feelings seem to go along with ruining Carlotta's life in every way possible. Christene should always be the lead. She's the best. She's been getting voice training from the walls down in the pathetic room that poses as a rectory. It was a toilet at one point. Well, I guess she can be as sckitzo as she wants as long as she sings and dances and COMES TO PRACTICE ON TIME!!!!!

I had to sell my daughter on the streets again. Money gets really tight when people forget to pay you for three months. I'll have to bring that up with the new managers...
Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
4:14 pm
Meg 1
Dear Journal,
Today started off with a bang as the backdrop fell on Carlotta! That was very cool! Christene noticed a childhood sweetheart named Raol...I'm sooo jealous. After performing for the new managers, she got to play Carlotta's part!!! That moved me up to the Lead Slave Girl...that sounds really stupid...they're all slaves, why would they have a leader??? Anyway, after the show I tracked C. down so I could tell her how beautiful she was...her dress was so flowing and white...
She was down in the chapel lighting a candal for her father like she usually does after a show. I just know he's proud of her. But, I had to ask who her tutor was...she wouldn't even tell me...she started talking about how when her father died stuff happend and I must have dozed off half way through because I don't really remember all of it. So I asked her if she really belived that her father's goast was helping her (ludacris) and she said that it might be the Angel of Music. I chanced to ask her who the hell that was even though I was pritty sure she had explained it before...when C. goes on and on about stuff like that, you learn to ignore it very fast...But she just drowned me out talking about the Angel so I played along and helped her bekon the Angel forth. Then i just lead her to her (Carlotta's) dressing room so she could change. God, Carlotta has way too many portraits of herself...C. is much more sexy--I mean pritty...damn...where's my ink remover?
Raol came and left her room and no one has seen her leave it yet. Maybe later on I'll go in and we'll paint our nails while talking about how great life was and she will talk about Raol and I will secritly seeth in jealousy...sounds like fun!!!!
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
10:42 am
Christine 1
Saw old sweetheart yesterday. Hotness de Chagny. V. sad- didn't even see me. Danced a lot. Pervy old men show up to watch. V. happy. Carlotta almost died from falling backdrop. Madame Giry claims Opera Ghost made it happen. Made me sing. V. nervous. Pervy old men staring at me. Sang overwritten pop ballad*. Went to light a candle for father. Heard Angel of Music's voice. Meg came and took me away. Stupid Meg. Tried to scare her away. Went on and on about daddy. Daddy... Saw Raoul. His hair is prettier than mine. Memo to self: steal his shampoo someday after we're married.
Got locked in room. Candles went out. V. creepy. Angel of music V. mad at Raoul. Doesn't like me fraternizing with boys*. Oops. Told him I wouldn't flirt with v.cute boys if Angel came to me.
Angel did come. Oddly hot with a mask over half his face... Took me through mirror. Ooh, v. pretty candles... lots of candles. Some horse, then a boat. Angel made me sing. A lot. V. high. v. loud. Saw My-first-Wedding-Christine Doll*. Fainted.

I see him now. I think I'll take off his mask now. Oops...

(* cleolinda is truly a genious)
Saturday, February 5th, 2005
4:39 pm
Phantom 1
God. Scary woman with LOTS of make up will NOT STOP SINGING. Have met v. pretty girl who can sing v. well. Must get her to be star. Had v. good idea today. Dropped v. heavy backdrop on lady. Missed, v. sad. She left, very good.
New owners of Opera house are v. stupid. They need to pay. Some v. rich dude is patron. Maybe I can get a raise...
Christine sang. V. happy. She will do Gala. Cannot stand "Think uv meeeeeeh, think uv meh foooondddllleeee...."* by scary lady much more. Left rose for Christine. Am now sitting behind her mirror, watching her.
Rich dude came in. V. mad: they are good friends. Must take her down to my lair and hypnotize her now. Oh! Is time. Must go. Wish me luck.

(*cleolinda once again for the idea.)
Friday, February 4th, 2005
10:04 pm
Raoul 1
Went off to Paris. Bought an Opera House. V. expensive. Preened for hours. Hair didn't get messed up driving to the Opera House. V. good. V. rich still. Also v. good. Am so handsome. Hotness de Chagny*. Sounds v. good. Dancers were all over me. V. scary lady with gold paint and heavy accent is scary. Terrible singer.

Preened longer after leaving opera house. Preened until time for the Gala. Thank the falling backdrop. No scary lady. Saw old sweetheart: Lottie! V. good singer. Has been v. long time... Tried to get her to go to dinner with me. Offered to pay. Locked out. After all that preening time too... Think some slimy git with her. Strange voices. V. Strange.

Will wait until El Muto to talk to her. Must go preen now.

(* Hotness de Chagny is cleolinda's
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